italiaA new intuitive “quantum technique” and a soul art that keeps an evolutionary plan to serve human rebirth in a vast and vital, thin voiced and powerful language, echo of the mystery of Source in matter, of the eternal creation of life.


Sirio Sounds

 Mother Voice

Multidimensional pure voice healing

da Isabella Cambiganu

A new signal from the ether, accorded to the stars, to the universal laws of Life:

Harmonic crystalline frequencies for the evolution of personality, of the psycho-physical and emotional structure, for the awakening in soul space.

New vibrational parameters of truth and pure love for the evolution of the human experience, the adventure of life and consciousness in matter, through the “mother cell”. The elevation over the density of separation and selfishness, beyond the veil of appearances in the multidimensionality of being.

Reconnect in the depth of feeling, resonate in the Presence, in the conscience and heart unity.


Star Crystal Voice reactivates the purest and highest vibration in human matter, in its bio-crystalline structure, reconnecting to the pulsation of the harmonic sonic-geometric matrix of the origins of life, in the energy and the ancestral knowledge of the Feminine.

New vibrational codes of light-golden sound in crystalline harmonics of which the intuitive voice of Isabella is a channel – naturally tuned to 432 Hz – operate into the consciousness bodies for the alignment and the harmonious development of sensitivity, feelings and thoughts beyond the density of separation and selfishness. Tuning ourselves to the deepest chords of alive being, bring us in axis and in the evolutionary laws of universal love, the true strenght and inner clarity, beauty, balance and integrity. A powerful work on the cores that feed the “false personality”, forcing the energy of Life and creation in us, to reach the mother root of every wound trauma and distortion that resonates in the genetic and psychic individual and collective memory. Towards the opening in the multidimensionality beyond the veil of appearances, in the authentic expression and human communion, thanks to the aware meeting and welcoming of every part of oneself in the return to the Self, the inner healing of the relational emotional and affective dimension, starting from the family and couple dynamics.

Star Crystal Voice is received in group and individual sessions lasting about two hours, sitting on chairs in a circle.


The writings about Star Crystal Voice reasearch updated step by step, does not have a didactic, rather descriptive, evocative character. The informations received from dreams, strong intuitions and clear visions, intense experiences lived during years of work and vital pulsing exploration of the human dimensions and their intimate sonic essence, finds translation into a conceptual composition that draws from traditions of wisdom and new science. To Confirm what has been felt and first crossed from within, in the quality of the direct and incarnate knowledge of the ancestral Feminine.

UPDATING 17/08/2015:

During the sessions, the crystal clear sound of the stars ends up focusing itself inside the throat, working from here in the depth. With a particular intuitive technique, vibrations are directed with the breath to the root of the tongue upwards and towards the “center of cervical control”, where the original signal of the “divine matrix” of life is distorted and polarized. With pulsations originating from the depth of the physical body, ejections of hard psyco-emotional crystallizations are facilitated, crystallizations obscuring and imprisoning souls into etheric cores. All that happens through my body that works as a sort of “collective body of resonance” sentient embodiment of a macro-structure present in the microstructure.This way we seem to arrive to disclose a “secret center” connected to feminine energy and to ancestral knowledge, which allows the access of new information life pulsations and of pure love in the body from the “mother cell”.

I’ve found out that some yogic traditions place this center on the doorstep of Awakening or ascension process to a state of union and total love. While working on the “etheric door” of sound and cosmic creation hidden inside of the throat, a blue violet core pulsating etherically at the height of the forehead was recognized as the “mother cell”, that can be defined as a fragment or a fractal of the “divine mother” or “the mother substance”, original matrix that permeates all life.

Connected to the cosmic Source of Life and to his terrestrial and body counterpart and guardian of the “DNA master” of the human being, it would contain all our vibrant memory and would activate our evolutionary potential in the matter (in the reunion with the divine dimensions). In particular a form of golden energy or golden light like a inter-dimensional carrier in a spiral path on various octaves, would transmit from the Source the informative formative and generative possibilities supporting the phenomena of subtle and sound resonance, with the cells of the body, with biological and psychic individual memory, with the “family field” and with the collective consciousness and human communion. The same would focus itself in the reproductive organs.

The ascension to a new vibrational level of the personality, of the psyco-emotional and physical structure, manifestation of Life in the human material form on earth, is blocked down the central channel, central axis. Sediments of “shells“, force reversing and deflecting the natural expansion of vital energy, and thus the expression and crystallization of its higher shapes, in the purest feelings and maturation of a objective quality of morality based on universal laws, in the lost of identification and the sense of separation and oppression of the ego, with the awareness of the sacred and of the divine origin of all, of the union with the other and with the Human Family. The cosmic energy, expansive and unifying of Life that activates itself first in the body with sexuality, it is necessary for the birth of the “New Man”, or of the true human being in a “new substance”, which corresponds to a higher level of consciousness and love.

To integrate the parameters it’s necessary to purify vital energy – wich is involved in every form of human relationship and primarily in family and couple dynamics –  that can vibrate on the frequencies of the higher planes of existence, free from any distortion, trauma and heavy memories, from ancient rituals imprints, and from bestial instincts imprisonment. So purify our “inner earth”, our roots, and free the psycho-affective and emotional dimension from any distorsion and entanglement in the horizontal polarization and opposition, and verticalize it through the heart, in the union of heaven and earth in us. It’s necessary to subtract the energy of Life and creation from the nourishment of hypnotic and anesthetic forces of control, to return to vital energy his subtle potential for elevation of matter in his shine, in the totality of the origins. So to return to the woman in particular her sacred role as guardian of the keys of life in matter, his warmth and intelligence as a loving evolutionary energies channel in the light of the creation of the new in body and on earth. And so to return to the woman and man and to the inner feminine and inner masculine their cosmic co-creative dimension, beyond the conflict and the dynamics of possession and seduction, manipulation and power, addiction, towards respect and strnght, the genuine sharing, peace to the roots of beings.

The false personality programmed in separation-survival to the detriment of the development of the true essence of the human being, blocks the opening of the “door of Life” in the sacral coccyx area, and so the bridge towards the reconnection and descent of high realm in the opening up of higher psychic and emotive centers. Revealing the altered personality in his dramas and in his lies, which is deconstructed by penetrating of surrender in the hard core” of the resistances in the illusion of the idea of himself and of the world, the Human Rebirth from the foundations is favored in the matrix-consciousness of unity and pure love through the golden frequencies and the inter-dimensional pulsations in the crystalline sound of the “sacred fire” of Life.

With love, knowing that any explanation and tool found translates only a fragment of the beauty, the mistery of life and its divine design.


The crystalline chant of the stars touches also places of the earth and their memories, which correspond to regions of the body. In a quantum way, in a sort of movement where the exterior and the interior are revealed united, it happens a purification elevation, reactivation and alignment to the energy of the new time.



The harmonic cristalline frequencies of the “holy fire”

           Sounds of crystalline light from the pulsating heart of Life

A “gift of the stars” to flourish in the new time in the beauty and authentic humanity

An invitation from soul to soul to regain the powerful sweet chant of the “divine matter”

A journey to reconnect ourselves to “the Christ nature” and to the potential of its feminine aspect denied, guardian of the creation light of the new on earth

It’s time to honor the wonder that silently lives in us and to contribute to the metamorphosis of the dense worlds finding ourselves, our true identity and raison d’etre, that is the profound meaning of our existence here.

Evolution is calling us to integrate a new intelligence in the heart of matter, alive, vibrant, unifying, connected to Love which is inherent in all creation. Great changes are taking place in the cosmos, on the planet and in the lives of beings. The destructive forces, of opposition, show more and more of themselves outside as well as inside. It’s time of freedom from lies, from the distortion between body and soul, from the amnesia of our original nature, from the robotic operations of personality, from the various systems of enslavement to power to open our eyes and heart to face what we are living. It’s time of the choice in listening to the call of the New, of internalization, of reconciliation with all our parts, to welcome and celebrate with simplicity the Life in the body and on earth to love unconditionally with all the cells.

The body of the human being that is revealed as a place of connection between above and the below, inter-penetrated by all levels of existence … the Presence of the pulsating Unity of Life in the individual form … the macrocosm in the microcosm, the immensity of the worlds of stars within the cells and the atoms, membership to the vibrational energy to the cosmos redescovered … the union between heaven and earth, male and female, thin and dense renewed.

I learned that in the more stiffen and contracted parts of our bodies, in the bones, pelvis and in the sacrum, in the foundation you can find traces of the “original separation”, the deviation from the respect of the unitary and harmonic organization of life. The energy of life is stagnated in the depths, where the power of joy is obscured. Within the deviation of the axis there’s disconnection with higher dimensions. The scisson of the higher vibrational higher from matter, so absorbed in the domains of unconsciousness. Matter has become only an external thing and investigated as such, not consciously felt and lived, without soul. An essential suffering is inscribed in the matter of a humanity that has lost its connection with Mother Earth and its cosmic power creator, the body and the heart. Separative egoic structures of a disconnected mind, conditioned and programmed in duality have replaced the alliance between the spiritual and material worlds, uprooting beings. Denying heaven on earth human beings have experienced its impotence in the matter, energetic struggles, horizontal contrasts, and still fear and resist the revelation of its areas of darkness. The darkness of unconsciousness of a manipulated and manipulative humanity, seduced by various forms of external authority, separated from its origins by the light from which it comes from and the Source of all love, that is from its true power.

In the transition of dimensional elevation of the earth, in the process of alignment to the cosmos and assimilation of its radiant evolutionary emanations, humanity has a chance to regain its axis, the vertical light, the inward movement, the deep centering, awakening the essential cristalline being, the seed of the New in the heart and the body, aligning its “cosmic antenna” column to the new energy.

Here comes the contribution of Star Crystal Voice through Isabella. A new quantic technique and a soul art that keeps an evolutionary plan to serve human rebirth, in a vast and vital, thin voiced and powerful language, echo of the mystery of Source in matter.

Our matter can become refined tuning in to, harmonizing with the most vibrant forms of sound creator energy of bright worlds. Our body integrates the evolutionary movement of Life trasmutating into its structure, to become a living temple of the “divine presence” on earth, an “alchemic body” of truth, of crystalline clarity. A new matter that transcends the old “laws of gravity” moving into new areas of coherence and harmony, illuminated and unified by the light and the love of a higher consciousness.

The crossing of the light-sound waves of the chant of the stars reveals our state of opening or closing to the energies of universal Lfe, with different textures and interdependencies. Crystallization of memories, of experiences not integrated and resolved, obstruct the transfer in cells resonating in particular areas in the bodies, and nurturing closures and repetitive and unhealthy behaviors. Ancestral, archetypal, parental residuals, of old programs and sub-conscious influences, maintain vibratory coarseness connected with a “black core” that resonates in the sacral and life center. Sexual energy has always been recognized by the sages as the most powerful and evolutionary, keeper of the secrets of life and creation, the energy needed for the birth of the New Man, comes from there enmeshed dispersed, vampirised, deviated and horizontally polarized to perpetuate conflicting dynamics between men and women, parents and children … dynamics based on control and possession, domain and submission, dependency, hindering the true potential of elevation in purity, of creation and expression of being vertical and authentically loving, co-creative and respectful relationships. From the matrix waters, the darkness and density can dissolve rising to the surface. More the light advances the more it reveals the hard core of resistances in the illusion of self and of a separate world , the deceit of duplicity of separated personality, of heartless “false matter” , to facilitate the emergence of “buried treasures”, of the soul’s voice in the matter, of unexplored creative evolutionary and comunicative possibilities.

With reference to an original matrix, Star Crystal Voice brings a new higher and unitary vibration of Life and truth in the matter, in the depths of the personal, incarnational and relational dimension. It can be felt with an activation in the bodies, and the experience of a great clarity, joy, peace, integrity, openness and centering, reconnection and verticality … an expansion and lightening of the being, and as a new birth and a return in the wonder of their own “sacred land”, with roots in Mother Earth with which we are living part of. A new vitality, compassion, presence and authenticity are revealed and strengthen over time. The sound beams that carry the vibrational quality of pure love and pure feeling, balance, strength and transparency of the worlds of real crystalline light, burst into the hardest crystallizations of our inner earth with progressive and inward purifications of the vital-sexual energy occurring on the physical and psycho-affective-emotional level … in the rekindling of hearts to the simplicity of being, to the cozy sweetness beyond the masks, illusions, projections, beliefs. Process that unfolds in conformity with the evolutionary needs of each one, and with the possibilities of opening and integration of the moment.

Through resonators in the body and important “energy doors” clogged with dense structures affecting some vertebrae in the spine (sacrum and cervical area), you can re-establish contact between planes of existence between Earth and Sky in us. A new communication with the passage of “messages” in frequencies coming from beyond the numbing density matrix in which we got lost and fell asleep, exiled from the Self in the illusion and external seduction, unaware amplifiers of hypnotic psychic waves. From the celestial and atomic spheres, new information and pulsing of Life can flow through the bio-crystalline cellular lattice. Networks of sound-light signals that may be breached in the walls of attachments and identifications in a personal way, in the barriers of the collective mind and genetic behaviors of non-love driven by heavy thought forms that slow our vibrations disconnecting us from reality. The crystal stellar voice penetrates into our bones, in our roots where there are traces of our past and the one of the earth, the traumas and the wisdom, the secrets of human evolution and the possibilities of a substantial renovation. From places sunk into unconsciousness, parasitized and hardened, from the belly, from the depths of the genitals, from the coccyx the original crystal light awakened in the cells can emerge, restoring parts of ourselves, of our individual sovereignty and of our multi-dimensionality. In this process those there will be the break of distorting energetic structures and psychic control without life obscuring the creative intelligence – the “feminine principle” of the “divine mother” in us -, freeing us from painful and imprisoning old reactive- attractive dynamics, of the instinctual nature, inertia, of the dramas of guilt, anger and humiliation, of fear and devaluation, of the illusion of separation and ego survival. With the induction of luminescence you can feel a “cold heat” inside, a manifestation of the “purifier fire”, of the “flame of universal love” which enters in the body and in the abdomen in connection with the crystalline heart of Mother Earth, and finds its way vertically reopening the channels of connection with what’s high in the heart and in the head. The energy blocked in mental-emotional short circuits can return to flow along the central channel, and radiate from the center of the heart. A crystalline breath nourishes new roots, which allows us to connect ourselves to higher levels of energy and love, in a matter that is awakening to the feeling and to the joyful force awareness that animates it, and that communicates in its vibrant meaningful language. It reveals an urgency to return to listen and to understand the magical and loving language of Life, anchoring the realms of the heart to the earth to act with the right discernment, according to the true intention of the soul, with clarity beyond the rules of fear and confusion that operate in different disruptions and deceits taking place … to really inhabit the body and its cosmic dimension and be saved in a new earth.

Star Crystal Voice is a transmission of starlight frequencies that are received as crystalline harmonic sounds in a quantum process of liberation of the being, of awakening to the level of consciousness and “supra-personal” experience that brings together “heaven and earth” in us. A manifestation of the “sacred feminine” energy that invites us to flourish, to become pure cups bearers of beauty, wisdom and true humanity, guardians of the grace of Life reconnected to its source in the inner realms. A great love for Mother Earth, and an expression of an intuitive and intronic knowledge of the power of sound to elevate the matter to its splendor, modulated through the voice of Isabella. Spirals of energies can follow a movement of opening upward and of descent of frequencies from the higher dimensions. Geometries sound-light golden codes that are reactivated by the subtle bodies to the physical body, causing a strong vibrational elevation, in leading us to find the connection with the Source in our and the earths depth, towards a new form of “vertical sexuality”, in a state of being in love and of unity with all life. A Song of the Earth of its ancient memories, of the Memory beyond time, beyond the veil. A song of life, of its creative, generating and mutational power, of its frequency of love rediscovered. A crystalline voice that spreads through the heart center, opening to the reception of joy from the hidden structure of the matter.

The Spirit of pure, total love which nourishes Life is embodied in the breath of a new being.

A quiet, discreet, powerful revolution … divine simplicity at the heart of being.

By Isabella Cambiganu

Star Crystal Voice is received in group and individual sessions lasting about two hours, sitting on chairs.

Isabella is available for presentation meetings, and events.

Transmission Star Crystal Voice was founded in the beginning of 2012 due to the precious and loving Joel Ducatillon and Virginie Duchaine, to whose mission for humanity is connected. The knowledge and work with the quantum technologies devised by Joel, and years of study and management of sessions, seminars and concerts with pure tones of the crystal bowls followed by vocal harmonics have prepared the ground for the new Star Crystal Voice creation. This research and the gifts that it conveys, has been revealed with intense contacts with the “Soul Family” that attend to the awakening of humanity, and with special experiences, and it’s guided through information received in dreams, clear visions and strong intuitions, with deep integration and progressive spoliation.

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