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Campane a mare

Isabella’s work with the sounds of crystals is a life teaching, of balance and harmony. It open to a vast listening, to the depth of feeling in the Presence, to the alchemical acceptance inside the heart of what is revealed through the purifying and magical action of sounds … emotions, insights, visions, memories …

It invite to dive within ourselves, through the body as a portal to enter and live more subtle and vibrant realms where it resonate the awakening soul call…

It invite to contact a joyful peace dimension, unconditionally loving, a dimension of consciousness over time and the limits of the ordinary mind, where to return to be dressed of pure light forms.

Allowing the universal Life to express in us, in a movement of elevation of thoughts and emotions, it become possible to disidentify ourselves with the ego and the personality reactive programs, to bring strength and authenticity into our lives, developing a growing sense of open way and gratitude towards human experience as a journey of self-discovery and return to Self, in transparency and integrity.

Isabella Cambiganu mentre suona le sue amate campane di cristallo (crystal bowls)


Instruments that manifest the beauty, quartz bowls give us the sound of crystals, models of harmony and unity, perfection and balance thanks to their internal structure and vibration, the more orderly and mathematically exact existing in nature.

The understanding of the vibrational energy, of sound, as the primary source of the creation of life forms is present in various ancient cultures of the earth.

Music as a sacred art and science and the singing, the vocal and harmonic sounds, in different traditions in their rituals have always been used to induce an expansion of consciousness, transformation and healing, to balance and unify soul mind heart and physical body, to tune the different levels of the human being through informational and awareness waves consistent with the laws of Life.

The knowledge handed down in the esoteric schools on numerical proportions, the harmonic relationships inherent in living in the infinitely small as well as in the planets and constellations are rediscovered by researchers in our days. And in the universe, in the living they recognize admirable symphonies of frequencies, constantly exchanging energy and informations.

Geometric and vibrational sound patterns in their giving shape to matters, and so revealing such a key to understand their organization at various levels, are shown in the fascinating Cymatics studies. In the wake of these studies it is possible to see how to change and recreate harmony patterns within the cells of living systems, thanks to the properties of water as a conductor, and by the virtue of the phenomenon of the “entrainment” and of the law of resonance.

Many are now the researches on the effects of the sound frequencies at the psycho-physical and emotional levels, to support a healthy biological and immune system functionality with the release of the “feel-good endorphins”, refracting disharmonious energy in the form of negative emotions and limiting beliefs systems, in balancing the functions of the two cerebral hemispheres and alter the electromagnetic waves produced by the brain by inducing states of meditation and deep relaxation associated with healing, with an expansion of the intuitive vision, mental clarity and creativity.

To the pure tones emitted by the Crystal Bowls they recognize a specific potential due to their resonance within the bio-crystalline system of the human body, which looks like an incredible cellular network with “quartz-like” quality.

The bio-crystalline elements are seen as closely involved in balancing the human energy field, in mediating the flow of higher frequency energies in the body, and the connection to universal energy structures.

The harmonic vibrational fields produced by the sounds of the crystals can reveal a bright and pure nature of the human beings as “living crystals.”888.TdiL

The special properties of crystals to focus, amplify, stabilize, store, transmit and transmute patterns of energy (informations), they are the basis of the current communications technology development. Also the Crystal Bowls are the product of a complex technological process, which compact the quartz sand of silicon into cup shape at very high temperatures, without altering their internal material structure. It seems to imprint in the matter of the bowls since its origins, a nature of carriers of transformation tools, opening the possibilities of life, and that can bring us back an ancient knowledge under a new guise.

In the shamanic practices we can find the use of crystals as instruments to channel and increase the forces of healing and spiritual understanding, to tune ourselves to the higher dimensions of reality and to our true Self, acting as mediators between the visible and the invisible worlds.

The Crystal Bowls can nearly be “initiatory intruments”, which open to the individual’s sacred path, to the work of deep inner transformation so necessary in the current transition to the New Time.

Came to us from the depths of the earth, the crystals in the circular shape taken into the bowls define as a matrix to receive the light and bring it into our depths.

campane di cristallo suonate con amore

The crystals are allies of those who want to know their essential identity get rid of dense structures of the mind conditioning, of duality, to become more transparent to the light of Consciousness in a being centering process.

As realizations of a completely transformed and “enlightened” matter, the crystals show us what the human can become, by integrating the vibration of the subtle energetical bodies into the physical form, uniting heaven and earth, matter and spirit, science and soul.

The structural alignment of atoms that vibrate in unison can teach us a quality of Love that is beyond the apparent separation with the others, with the whole and with the Source … in the unity of Life outside and inside every forms of life.

il respiro dell'anima

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– “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber

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“You have told me about a study that you are conducting together with an expert in electromagnetic fields, can you tell us something about it?

The interesting study of which I told you about has come true thanks to the availability and sensitivity of Dott. Nicola Limardo expert in electromagnetic fields and pioneer of practical quantum physics. With its own special extremely precise analyzer of electromagnetic spectrum Nichola led a spectrometric check on every single bowls i played, and on all the bowls together and finally with the addition of my harmonic singing.

During all the three control phases, the frequency spectrum has reported that such harmonic vibrations in the environment positively amplify the wavelengths that coincide with the bio-frequencies issues by our central nervous system and with our Cardiovascular System, and that the frequencies emitted have a magnetic dextrorotatory type “spin” absolutely beneficial for the organism. “

Campane di Cristallo

Campane di Cristallo

Musiche per riarmonizzare spirito, emozioni e corpo

Isabella Cambiganu
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